Mr. David Saunders ,Retired from Military, from London, United Kingdom.

"Whenever I travel to Bangkok, I used to stay in a hotel in Silom Road, to be near British Club. I later switched to Sukhumvit to be within walking distance to all the international cuisines. I searched through internet, looking for 4 star accommodation with good guests' review, I then found OMNI TOWER SYNCATE SUITES. I tried, I am happy and had been a regular guest since then. 

"What I like most about OMNI TOWER SYNCATE SUITES is its location. I get almost everything I need within walking distance, especially Lebanese food. While serving the British Army, I spend few years in the Gulf, that's how I developed the taste for Arabic food. I do speak Arabic as well. 

"The building is with good size pool, fitness center, minimart and laundry shop. 

"I like the 1-Bedroom Premier, it's has extra large bedroom as well as extra large living room which is truly monetary value."

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